Scorpio New Moon – INTEGRATE

Mercury and Mars are direct but still in their shadows (explanation here) as we reach the Scorpio new moon on November 15th (05:07 GMT). A lot of shit has gone down these past few weeks and you may be feeling scattered and unsure about how to pick up the pieces. I feel like this new moon offers the possibility of integrating those crappy and good things that have happened and start fitting things back together into some kind of (new) coherence.

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Finding creative ways to integrate new understandings, while allowing space to grieve for the old ways, is necessary now. Even if you don’t believe that linear time is true (and, on a grand scale, it probably isn’t), it is the way our human lives are experienced. And so, forward we go.

“Go back?” he thought. “No good at all! Go sideways? Impossible! Go forward? Only thing to do! On we go!” So up he got, and trotted along with his little sword held in front of him and one hand feeling the wall, and his heart all of a patter and a pitter.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit, or There and Back Again

Divination/ Journalling Prompts

*What have I learned about myself this year?
*What have I learned about the world this year? (you can add more similar and specific questions here too e.g. what have I learned about my relationship with … / my dreams etc.)
*What am I yet to learn? (sometimes the cards will be vague about this, but it’s worth a try)
*How can I integrate what I have learned?

Ritual/ Spellwork/ EveryDayMagic Suggestions

*A ritual to call back any lost parts of yourself could be intensely healing now.
*Water elemental work, like a cleansing bath, would be effective.
*And last but not least, that Scorpio cliche, but for good reason, some shadow work.

Full Taurus Blue Moon – All Shadows Eve

Samhain + Blue Moon = Strong Magic.
There is an awful lot of fire and Earth energy out there right now, and not all of it (probably not even half of it) is particularly well-directed or contained. Which is to say, on this Full Taurus Moon (October 31st, 14:44 GMT), take care. Do your halloween things, call up your ancestors and helpful spirits, but take more care than perhaps you would in a year that is not this year.

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Things on this beautiful planet are changing more quickly than they have done for a couple of thousand years. An epoch is coming to an end, another is struggling to be born. We are in the throes of labour. It feels like hard work. It is hard work. It is what we are here to do.

“Truth is the daughter of time, and I feel no shame in being her midwife.”


Divination/ Journalling Prompts

Nos Galan Geaf/ Samhain is the end of the Celtic year, and the beginning of the next. It is a great time to consult your ancestors (not just human) for guidance. I don’t really use a spread as such for this, as its more like a conversation than a fixed reading, you can keep pulling cards and let things flow. But I’ve tried to pull things together into a starting point that might be helpful. Let me know how it goes if you use it.

Ritual/ Spellwork/ EveryDayMagic Suggestions

*This is the point in the year where I do my year ahead reading for the following 12-18 months. I have a blog post with a card layout and prompts, which you are welcome to use.
*With Mercury still retrograde take extra care with any wordy magic, like charms, right now. Personally, I favour spirit work over all other forms of magic at this time.
*Clean/ Refresh/ Start an ancestor altar. Everyone should have one (and I almost never say that about anything).

New Libra Moon – STIR THE POT

Whoo, we are still right in the thick of things aren’t we? The Mars retrograde continues and now Mercury has turned (not actually pedants, it just looks that way from Earth) too. All that backwards and forwards energy swirling around this New Moon in Libra (October 16th, 20:31 BST) and a time (Libra season) when we are usually talking about balance and setting goals and priorities for the next 6 months has become altogether more … unpredictable?

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So what do we do with those swirling, unpredictable, bubbling pots? I think that depends on what is brewing in each. I am going to take a few off the fire (or at least try) so that I can focus my love and efforts on those which matter most.

“The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.”


Divination/ Journalling Prompts

*What pots am I tending right now? (pull as many cards/journal as many responses as feels right)
*Which need to be stirred? (I’d be using a pendulum over the already pulled cards for this part)
*Which need to be taken off the boil?
*Which can be safely/ better moved to the backburner?

Ritual/ Spellwork/ EveryDayMagic Suggestions

*Clear out your worst drawer/ cupboard of hell, you know the one with the elastic bands and string, and the mixture of used and new batteries, tea lights, receipts for things you don’t own any more etc. There is energy available to tackle such grim jobs right now.
*Get your wards and protections in place
*Ditch any lingering commitments which no longer resonate (even/ especially those which are now only via zoom)

Full Aries Moon – CHARGE

Being frank, the astrology at this first full moon of October 2020 (1st, 22:05 BST) doesn’t look particularly auspicious (much like the entire year, sigh). The Moon joins retrograding Mars in fire sign Aries, squaring off against the heavyweights Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn. It’s all rather tense.

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If there’s an upside (and there nearly always is) it is that people are willing to engage now, in fact they’re chomping at the bit. So if you’d like to have something out with someone/ get something off your chest it will feel like a good time for that. Though, before you do, be warned it is unlikely to resolve peacefully. There is another option.

“To oppose something is to maintain it.”

— Ursula Le Guin, The Left Hand of Darkness

Divination/ Journalling Prompts

*What am I pushing against at this full moon?
*What is pushing back on me?
*How can I disengage?

Ritual/ Spellwork/ EveryDayMagic Suggestions

*Personally I won’t be doing any magic on this full moon. It just doesn’t feel that auspicious to me. Instead a quiet ritual/ meditation/ prayer session would be a good way to diffuse and use the current energy more peacefully.
*Cleansing and protecting your space could be another sensible option.

New Moon in Virgo – RESET

Can you smell it? The slightest whiff of something new is in the air. In a year filled with restriction and stasis this tiny undercurrent thrills me.

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The New Moon in Virgo falls at exactly midday BST (GMT +1) on Thursday 17th September. In theory, with Mars retrograde, this shouldn’t be a time for movement, and yet I can taste the promise of change, of chance, of a fresh start. That Virgo New Moon energy is pushing through, offering a reset point. I’m going to take it. Will you?

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

― Albert Einstein (maybe, or quite possibly someone else, no one really knows)

Divination/ Journalling Prompts

*What opportunities are ahead of me now?
*What is restricting me?
*How can I best move forward?
*How can I honour what I leave behind?

Ritual/ Spellwork/ EveryDayMagic Suggestions

*Do/ try something completely new. Be bold. This year we have all been heavily restricted so let your rebel out (as far as you can without getting yourself into trouble).
*Divination, use the prompts above, or ask whatever is in your heart. But try and make it future focused rather than asking questions about the past. This is your reset button, use it wisely.

Full Moon Energy and Practices FAQ – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Lunar Work

The moon was my portal into witchcraft. Back in the early 90s, when my body began to obviously wax and wane with the monthly cycles, I knew I was syncing with something much bigger than my individual human consciousness. I felt that New Agey sentiment – that I am (and we all are) made of the same stuff as the entire universe – we are stardust. And the moon with it’s seemingly changing faces and moods is our kin.

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We are related to everything in the universe, of course, but the moon is our closest companion and affects life on Earth more tangibly and immediately than the other planets and stars. This makes it (you can use she/he if you like, but it’s the 21st century so we know how problematic pronouns can be) a well-placed partner (not tool) to work with for manifesting the changes we want to see in our lives, and banishing the things we don’t want.

In this post I’m going to answer some of the most common questions I get asked about working with the full moon (and framing it as “working with” can itself be problematic, which I’ll get to) along with the reasoning behind my answers.

I’ve been in conscious relationship with the moon for almost 30 years at this point, so I am confident in the veracity of what I share here, but, as always, your personal relationship and experiences may be different, and that is fine. I will try and get around to addressing questions about the other phases in a separate post – if you have questions please leave them in the comments – but much of it can be extrapolated out from what I share here. It’s more about the way we approach our relationship with the moon than a list of dos and don’ts.

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Q. How long does a full moon last?

A. Technically the moon is full when it is directly opposite the sun. The exact opposition is timed to the second (and will vary depending on your location on Earth). Unless you’re a professional astronomer you’re unlikely to be able to work this out by yourself (there’s complicated math involved) so most people use a moon calendar/ almanac/ phone app to get the exact time.

Q. But why is the exact time important? And, a related query that I see cropping up on witchy facebook groups, the full moon was last night have I left it too late to charge my crystals/ make moon water/ do a ritual? etc.

The answer I often see given is that the full moon phase lasts over three days, so it’s still fine to do those things then. And it is fine. No one is going to die because you charged your crystals under a technically waning moon that still looks full to the naked eye. But the energy has a different quality, and so the charged crystals will have a different tuning/ resonance, than if you had charged them the night before when the moon was still waxing. Which brings us to the next, and most asked question.

Q. How do I work with the energy of the full moon?

A. And, oh my goddess, I could write a whole book in answer to this question (and I might one day). But I will try and keep this blogpost scale.

Setting aside the “work with” for now, what people usually mean when they ask this question is what should I do at the full moon? I get it, witching, especially if you’re solitary, has no definitive set of activities to do at certain times, which for the newcomer is disorientating and sometimes worrying. If you do join a coven this is mitigated somewhat through mentorship, but personally I think that the disorientation and lack of an established set of practices is the perfect (only?) starting point. It forces you to examine your worldview and preconceptions, you have to really dig deep into what you know are truths about the universe and your place in it, you have to decolonise your thinking, hell, you have to think for yourself, and trust yourself and the information you receive from non-mainstream acceptable sources, and you have to do it well because you know it has huge consequences for you and for everyone/thing you love. With power comes responsibility. This is why this path is not for everyone.

All that to say that there is no one answer to how do I work with the energy for the full moon because that depends on who you are and what you are hoping to do. But there are some guidelines (phew) which can help you as you’re figuring it out.

[inserting an apology here in case you came to this post looking for a definitive set of practices and are cross because that’s not what’s here. If it’s any consolation I do have something more akin to that here]

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If you’re witchy by nature then you’ll already be familiar with the moon phases having different energetics. The most commonly known phases are the full and new moon (personally I find the squares/ quarters under-loved, but hey). The new moon and full moon are opposites, the former dark with potential, the latter gloriously in your face. Obviously working with the natural energy of these phases makes more sense than working against it. But what does that mean?

At full moon the energy is hot and outward pushing. It helps to compare it with the same point in the solar cycle – the summer solstice. Everything is awake and pulsing with energy, flowers in full bloom, but not fruiting yet (generally, some fruit comes early like Lady Strawberry), the air is heavy with floral scent. This is why the general advice given for what to do at this time is not to start new things/ cycles (that’s new moon energy) but to give a burst of energy to those projects (fruit) already in motion (flowering). And that is good advice. But you can see how the exact timing of your working/ ritual/ crystal charging adds an important nuance.

If you choose the time leading up to the full moon you get more of that midsummer vibe, if you go afterwards then you’re heading into the waning autumn energy (and have less power to influence the fruit). You choose your timing according to what you want to achieve.

As well as the moon phases there is a system of lunar days, which is far less widely known. Basically, the moon rises and sets at a slightly different time each day throughout the lunar month (new moon to new moon), and each moon rise marks the start of a new lunar day. These lunar days have different energies and potentials, with some being good for some things and bad for others. If you’re into high levels of detail this system may appeal to you (hello Virgo). You can find out more about lunar days here.

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Adding another layer, if you’re into astrology you will be familiar with the zodiac signs. The sign that the full moon is in will (should?) also have a bearing on what you do at this time. The full moon always falls in the sign opposite the sign that the sun currently moves in, which I find charges up that axis across the zodiacal circle, so it adds an extra solar dimension to the energy too. The full moon does have the potential to allow switches to be flipped, directions to be changed, outcomes to be impacted in seemingly incredible ways. This potential is magnified when you can go with the flow of the astrological moment. This can be at a simple level of matching your magic to the “theme” of the zodiac sign e.g. Moon in Pisces, Sun in Virgo, could be a good time to work on fears around your health. If you’re more proficient in astrology you can bring your own birth chart into the picture and use the houses where the moon and sun fall, as well as the signs, to inform your plans. (If you’d like to be more proficient in astrology I have a YouTube series Astrology for Witches).

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Taking things even more niche, the moon also moves through its own circle of lunar mansions each lunation/ moonth/ month (if I’ve lost you, don’t worry – magic still works without impeccable timing – but if you’re still with me yay! this will supercharge your efforts). Similarly to the lunar days (though, sometimes confusingly in contradiction to them) each lunar mansion has its own recommended actions and taboos. For a more comprehensive explanation of this I like Ann Moura’s Mansions of the Moon, but this internet article is good for a shorter take.

Warning – this is a massive rabbit hole, not helped by the fact that there are different astrological systems with their own lunar mansions, which also sometimes correlate, but often don’t. Feel free to dive down there if you have the time and the inclination.

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Q. How do I work with the energy of the full moon?

Yeah, so I realised I’m still answering this question and I’ve already written a post so long not many will get to the end, and has perhaps raised more questions than its answered, so I’ll wrap up with a short consideration of “working with“. It’s a common phrase in the magical community and one that I’ve used a lot myself, but our words are important and their meaning(s) affect our thinking, being and doing.

When we are working with something what is our relationship to that thing? Does it depend on what that thing looks like? Does it depend on whether we see that thing as alive?

I sometimes hear/ read people talking about working with the moon as if it is a tool, something humans can manipulate to accomplish a desired task. This is pretty much the opposite of what is happening when we “work with” the moon (or any other planetary force).

Think of it instead as working with a colleague, a senior colleague, or a well-loved and wise elderly relative (which is the truth of it).

Be appropriately respectful.

First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius – FIRED EARTH

Earth and Fire predominate as the month closes, with only Venus and Neptune in Water signs (and no planets in Air signs) at the time of the first quarter moon (August 25th, 18:58 BST). What to do with that Earth and Fire? Perhaps make and fire pots, statues, bricks – physical and metaphorical.

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If you haven’t taken action on your new moon intentions yet, do so now. When Mars turns retrograde it will be more difficult to move forward.

“As we write, so we build: to keep a record of what matters to us.”

― Alain de Botton, The Architecture of Happiness

Divination/ Journalling Prompts

*What am I aiming to do?
*Who am I aiming to be?
*What supports me in my endeavours?
*What needs to burn away?

Ritual/ Spellwork/ EveryDayMagic Suggestions

*This could be a good time to make plans for the second part of this year (which likely look very different from what you thought they might be coming in to 2020), but don’t spend all the time planning and not taking action because real progress is possible now.
*Smoke cleansing and consecration of tools, particularly those with an action orientated/ creative purpose

Leo New Moon – I/ME/WE

With the inner planets moving forwards and the outer planets retrograde it suggests a conflict between the life and needs of the individual and the greater machinations of society.

The Leo New Moon (August 19th, 3:42 BST) is not just a moon/sun conjunction (like every new moon) but Mercury is also there in the mix, and all of them are trine Mars in its home sign of Aries. I’m taking this as a good indicator for the victory of personal power.

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It is in our hands what we choose to create or destroy at this time.

“Achievement doesn’t come from what we do, but from who we are.  Our worldly power results from our personal power.  Our career is an extension of our personality. People who profoundly achieve aren’t necessarily people who do so much, they’re people around whom things get done. Mahatma Gandhi and JFK were great examples of this.  Their great achievements lay in all the energy they stirred in other people, the invisible forces they unleashed around them.  By touching their own depths, they touched the depths within others.  That kind of charisma, the power to affect what happens on the earth, from an invisible realm within is the natural right and function of the son of god.  New frontiers are internal ones, the real stretch is always within us.  Instead of expanding our ability or willingness to go out and get anything, we expand our ability to receive what is already here for us.  Personal power emanates from someone who takes life seriously.  The universe takes us as seriously as we take it.  There is no greater seriousness than the full appreciation of the power and importance of love.  Miracles flow from the recognition that love is the purpose of our career.”

― Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”

Divination/ Journalling Prompts

This month’s astrology twisted my arm to create a card layout…

Ritual/ Spellwork/ EveryDayMagic Suggestions

*The fire energy is strong, candle magic or other types of fire magic are go (but take care not to get burned, as sparks fly more with Mars in Aries).
*Spend time getting creative just for fun, no expectations on the outcome.
*Been thinking about making a change to your appearance? Now’s the time.

Third Quarter Moon in Taurus – Breakout

The Moon reaches First Quarter point in Taurus (August 11th, 17:45 BST). Quarter moons are formed when the sun and moon are at right angles to each other, which is called a square in astrology (and geometry). This square energy is usually felt as restlessness, it calls for action, movement.

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With the moon and Venus in mutual reception, and Mercury close to the sun in Leo, I feel like this movement is more internal than external. It’s a mindset shift. Suddenly you notice something that you do regularly which is not helpful for you. Suddenly it becomes harder to lie to yourself and others.

“I lie to myself all the time. But I never believe me.”

― S.E. Hinton, The Outsiders

Divination/ Journalling Prompts

*What am I hiding from others?
*What am I hiding from myself?
*How can I breakout?

Ritual/ Spellwork/ EveryDayMagic Suggestions

*Purification bath, use three bay leaves, three handfulls of salt, three drops of rosemary, and soak.
*Going somewhere? Find a new way to get there.
*Change something in your daily routine/ rhythm, perhaps the order in which you put your clothes on, or the way you brush your teeth. You can change.

Full Aquarius Moon – Connect

The Full Aquarius Moon (August 3rd, 16:59 BST) brings a window of opportunity to connect with like-minded and interesting people. If you’ve been feeling a bit stale in your relationships (and I suspect that is the case for many of us during global restrictions of freedom of movement) what can you do to breathe some fresh air into this part of your life?

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It’s not so much the super deep and meaningful relationships I’m talking about here, it’s more friends/ acquaintances.
I read an interesting article yesterday on the (excellent) site by April Elliot Kent entitled “Aquarius Full Moon: Alone, Together” where she talked about this, which really resonated.

“You know when you begin to feel a lack of balance in your life, a paucity of happy, uncomplicated places where you can simply show up, be yourself, and have the sense that you belong there.”

April Elliot Kent

Divination/ Journaling Prompts

*What is the current state of my friendships?
*What do I need to to fulfil my needs in this area?
*How can I protect my need for space?
*How can I foster “happy, uncomplicated places”?

Ritual/ EveryDayMagic/ Spellwork Suggestions

*It’s Full Moon Ritual time!
*Release what is holding you back, perhaps through burning a list of those things and blowing the embers away with the breeze
*Invite what you need, perhaps through creating a charm bag with representations of what you’re looking for and some herbs/ stones to bolster your intent