Recycling our hearts into art

The world needs our art and needs our hearts. Quote by Jessica M Starr

I have noticed something important, in myself and others.  We create when we have to – when the emotion is so strong it just has to spill into word or picture or song; we write love letters and eulogies, paint our darkest fears and our joys.

Recycling our hearts into art


But for many of us, when that emotion has passed, when our pain or joy has been recycled and eased we stop.  It has served its purpose, we are relieved of the intensity of feeling and we can move on.

But what if instead of stopping we keep on going? What if we create every day, however we are feeling?  This is where the real magic lies.  Daily creative connection, not just to alleviate our present heart aches but to go deeper, healing old wounds, birthing new ideas, making powerful, meaningful connections with ourselves and others.

The world needs our voices.  The world needs our songs and our stories, our art and our hearts.  The world needs what is inside of you.  Do not die with your stories still inside.