Waking Mama Luna Preorder is LIVE

It feels like it’s taken a long time to get here (well I guess it’s taken nearly 38 years if you count all my life from babyhood leading up to this moment, which, to be truthful, I do) but I can finally say…

Waking Mama Luna Preorder is live on Amazon Now!!!


Waking Mama Luna by Jessica M Starr CoverBefore you rush over to buy a copy, I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who have supported me in getting to this stage (you know who you are).

And if this is the first you’ve heard about it all, here’s a bit about the book…

Waking Mama Luna is a collection of five short stories, all linked by their connection to the motherline: daughter; mother; grandmother. All written between 2010 (when my daughter was born) and 2016.

I’ve been so happy to get some awesome feedback on the advance copies I sent out and was blessed to receive these endorsements from three women whose work I admire…


A collection of short stories – each a treasure in its own right – packed with wisdom and a haunting otherworldly sense. Deceptively simply written these tales and their truths will lodge in your memory and tug at your heart.

Lucy Pearce, author, Reaching for the Moon and Moon Time

Lyrical and enchanting, the stories in this collection will linger with you, asking to be turned over and explored and whispering to you of the stories of your own womanhood.

The five short tales in Waking Mama Luna could be used in many ways in the Red Tent or a women’s circle—as guided journeys, for journaling work, or for deep, heart-based story-sharing of our own.

Molly Remer, author and priestess, brigidsgrove

These short stories are steeped in an ancient wisdom, that will resonate and stir a remembering deep within. They’re so beautifully written that I read all of them in one sitting!

Rebecca Kane, Travel Guide at Your SHEro’s Journey

This is actually happening. It feels exhilarating and terrifying. What if people don’t like it? What if they do and then I can never write as well again (I’ve already started a novel and it’s tough sustaining the magic over longer narratives)? And, of course, what if nobody reads or buys it? (You can help with this last one by getting a copy here).

If you do read it I’d love to know what you think. I don’t have comments here on the blog but you can message me on Facebook or Twitter. Put me out of my misery. Please?