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Scorpio New Moon – Beneath the Surface

We have reached the Scorpio New Moon (28th, 03:38 GMT). With the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury together in Scorpio we have a LOT of change happening, but it is likely that most of this change is happening on a subconscious level. The way that we communicate with ourselves about who we really are, how we really feel, what we really want is changing.

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We can work at bringing these changes up from the depths of our (collective) unconscious, but – like everything else this month – it’s going to take some work.

“I went down to the river,
I set down on the bank.
I tried to think but couldn’t,
So I jumped in and sank.”
― Langston Hughes

Divination/ Journal Prompts

*What do I want right now?

*What do I feel right now?

*Who am I right now?

*What lies beneath the surface?

Ritual/ Everydaymagic/ Spellwork Suggestions

*Divination x 100

*Immersion in water, cold/ warm, indoor/ outdoor – it’s your choice. What do you need?

*Drumming/ chanting – visit the underworld


2 responses to “Scorpio New Moon – Beneath the Surface”

  1. elainemccro Avatar

    I love how you say, “we have reached the Scorpio new moon,” like it’s the goal of the whole year, which it totally is!! 😂🖤🦂
    And, “Divination ×100,” YES!! 😂✨
    Great prompts, thanks Jessica, I’ll use them tonight.
    I just thought I’d leave a reply for a change!! I always love when you pop up in my inbox 💗

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    1. TheStoryWitch Avatar

      Haha, thanks Elaine 💖 it’s lovely getting a reply!

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