New Moon Eclipse – BELLY OF THE BEAST

The sun and moon are gathered at this new moon as part of the stellium in Capricorn (December 26th 5:13 GMT) forming an annular solar eclipse. The eclipse is triggering the Capricorn/ Cancer axis: Public life/ career v. Private life/ home.

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What is important? What can go? What needs to go? Have you been giving too much? How well do you receive? What does it mean to be open, to be vulnerable? Am I safe? Am I seen?

“…is it not to the mercies of the eyes of others that we commit ourselves on our journey through the world?”
― Angela Carter, Nights at the Circus

Divination/ Journaling Prompts

*What hurts am I carrying?
*Is it possible to let these go?
*If so, how do I do that?
*What/ who is my guiding light through the darkness?

Ritual/ EveryDayMagic/ Spellwork Suggestions

*If you don’t usually do new moon intentions, this lunation is a perfect time to start. If you usually do new moon intentions, don’t skip them this month.
*Candle magic
*Shadow work (perhaps use the questions above as a starting point)