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Full Capricorn Moon & Eclipse – RELEASE

The full Capricorn moon (July 5th, 5:44 BST) is eclipsed, though only a faint shadow of the sun will be visible from the UK. This is a more subtle eclipse, rounding off the Cancer/ Capricorn eclipse cycle of the last 18 months or so.

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Eclipse energy is unstable. Better to rest and release expectation than to make and carry out grand plans. Take some time to look within and beneath.

“If you spent your life concentrating on what everyone else thought of you, would you forget who you really were? What if the face you showed the world turned out to be a mask… with nothing beneath it?”
― Jodi Picoult

Divination/ Journaling Prompts

*What do I see in the mirror?
*What don’t I see?
*What lies beneath?

Ritual/ EveryDayMagic/ Spellwork Suggestions

*mirror scrying
*offerings to local spirits, the sun and the moon
*ritual bath – include bay and rosemary for cleansing and protection

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