New Libra Moon – STIR THE POT

Whoo, we are still right in the thick of things aren’t we? The Mars retrograde continues and now Mercury has turned (not actually pedants, it just looks that way from Earth) too. All that backwards and forwards energy swirling around this New Moon in Libra (October 16th, 20:31 BST) and a time (Libra season) when we are usually talking about balance and setting goals and priorities for the next 6 months has become altogether more … unpredictable?

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So what do we do with those swirling, unpredictable, bubbling pots? I think that depends on what is brewing in each. I am going to take a few off the fire (or at least try) so that I can focus my love and efforts on those which matter most.

“The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.”


Divination/ Journalling Prompts

*What pots am I tending right now? (pull as many cards/journal as many responses as feels right)
*Which need to be stirred? (I’d be using a pendulum over the already pulled cards for this part)
*Which need to be taken off the boil?
*Which can be safely/ better moved to the backburner?

Ritual/ Spellwork/ EveryDayMagic Suggestions

*Clear out your worst drawer/ cupboard of hell, you know the one with the elastic bands and string, and the mixture of used and new batteries, tea lights, receipts for things you don’t own any more etc. There is energy available to tackle such grim jobs right now.
*Get your wards and protections in place
*Ditch any lingering commitments which no longer resonate (even/ especially those which are now only via zoom)