Full Virgo Supermoon – HEAL (OR FESTER)

The energy is building into a Virgo Supermoon (March 9th, 17:48 GMT), and it may feel like there is a lot at stake right now. Emotions are running high and any worries/issues that have been successfully swept under the carpet (perhaps for years) come tumbling out. And that is good. It is time to cleanse, to deal with, to (finally) heal. What is the point of all this hard-won Mercury Retrograde in Pisces inner knowing if we are not able to act upon that knowledge?

frozen wave against sunlight

Photo by Hernan Pauccara on Pexels.com

There is a clear choice illuminated by this larger than usual moon. Heal, or don’t. Thrive, or fester.

“Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason.”
― Novalis

Divination/ Journaling Prompts

*What has run its course?
*Where do I need healing?
*What can support me to let go?
*Where do I (metaphorically) cut?

Ritual/ EveryDayMagic/ Spellwork Suggestions

*if you have a ritual knife it might come in handy just now for drawing/ renewing your boundaries, make a clean line between what is in and what is out.
*etheric cord cutting perhaps, if that is in your practice

If the cutting metaphor I have used in this post is triggering I am truly sorry. I wondered about softening and changing it, but self-harm is one of the past (or current) hurts/ harms that may be brought into focus at this time, so I felt it was more truthful, and maybe more helpful, not to look away. Ultimately this is a time for recognition of past harms, and for healing.